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#13 - 7/26/2021 - admin
Tracking various positions again in the various portfolios (to bring each portfolio back up to 10 positions)
#12 - 11/21/2020 - admin
Not too many funds/etfs paying more than 10% anymore - we may need to lower that threshold for Portfolio#3
#10 - 10/29/2020 - admin
When the vix, bitcoin, bonds and the dollar are up, this is not a good signal for stocks
      10/30/2020 - admin
      And now gold is up - really not a good signal for stocks
#9 - 10/29/2020 - admin
Not going to open new positions now - will wait for the market to settle down and reach a confirmed support level
#8 - 10/10/2020 - admin
The CEO of WORK was correct - the stock went up and hit our profit target
#7 - 9/14/2020 - admin
For the insider portfolio, I added Slack (symbol WORK) as the CEO bought over 4 million dollars of stock (but many other officers and directors sold over the last 10 days which usually is a filter to not use that stock - but since the CEO bought so many shares I went against my better judgement)
#5 - 9/9/2020 - admin
Created some public tracking portfolios (indexes and various ETF's) - tracking them based on 1 share of each
#4 - 8/28/2020 - admin
Added the ability to maintain your own portfolios - you can make them public if you want others to view them (they cannot modify them)
#3 - 8/26/2020 - admin
What's up with Carl Icahn - his stock is slipping and some of his investments not doing so good
#2 - 8/17/2020 - admin
Getting harder and harder to find quality high dividend stocks for Portfolio#3
#1 - 8/16/2020 - admin
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