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All information on this website is for educational and informational purposes only and should not be construed as investment advice regarding the purchase or sale of securities, or any other financial instrument of any kind. Please consult with your financial advisor before making any investment decisions.

Is this site free
This is a free site to view signals and their performance based on various factors. As of this time, we are only interested in -buy- signals (which makes this site IRA friendly).

Do I need to create an account
While the site is free, you will need to create an account to access certain features such as contributing to the chat room, viewing statistics or downloading any of the free write ups (in the "Free E-Books" page).

How are the trade signals generated
The signals are generated through a combination of research. We utilize four methods to harvest signals:
   1. From company insider trade filings, the signals are generated through substantial insider buying (SEC Form 4).
   2. Utilizing various financial web sites, signals are generated through "strong buy" recommendations from certain high ranked analysts (we filter out low performance analysts).
   3. Selecting various ETFs and CEFs that are paying dividends greater than 10%. Let's see if the companies can continue to pay these dividends and if the price performance doesn't create losses offsetting the higher dividends.
   4. Selecting various ETFs and CEFs that are paying tax free dividends greater than 4%. Once again, let's see if the companies can continue to pay these dividends and if the price performance doesn't create losses offsetting the higher dividends.

What is an SEC Form 4
When a company insider (CEO, CFO, Director, etc.) executes a buy or sell stock transaction (of their own company's stock), they must file a "Form 4" with the SEC within 2 days followng the transaction date. The public is then aware of this transaction. We feel it is a good sign to see a company insider spending their own money to buy stock (it does show they have confidence in their company's stock price going higher).
For this site's trade signals, we are only interested in the insiders that are buying a "substantial" amount of their company's stock.

What is a CEF
A CEF is a closed end fund. Whereas an ETF is a basket of stocks, a CEF is a fund or investment structure traded on the open market. It is considered a "closed fund" (as it differs from a mutual fund) since once it goes public the company no longer trade shares directly. They are traded on the open market. We are only interested in those that yield at least 10%.
Closed end funds invest in real estate (REIT), gas/oil pipelines (MLP), business loans (BDC), mortgages (MBS), malls, medical facilties, etc. and must pay out at leat 90% of net investment income to shareholders.

Is any technical analysis used for filtering signals
No - as a disclaimer this is just an academic exercise to strictly follow these stocks based on the filtering criteria explained above.
We are not recommending you purchase any of these stocks.

What stop loss and profit levels are you using
Please view our "Money Management" page for those answers and more.

Do you have a background in trading stocks and portfolio analysis
We have been trading stocks, futures, forex, etc. for over 20 years. We hold a CMT certification (Chartered Market Technician) from the CMT Association. They were formally known as the Market Technician's Association.

How do you determine if a stop or profit level was hit
Our stop and profit levels are already set when we enter a position so we created an automated program that runs at end of day which updates the price of each stock (using an API from Alpha Vantage). It then archives the stock if the stop or profit level was hit and updates various log and stats files. We also use various tools to determine new positions (based on the portfolio strategy).

Do you promote the advertisers on the site
Since this is free site, we use advertisers to offset our web hosting costs and computer costs to search for trade signals.
We do not vouch for the products or services they are selling. We do, however, use various products to assist us in finding trade signals.

Can I advertise my products or services on your site
Yes, there are alot of pages on our site for various advertisements and we are adding more each day. Contact us through the feedback form below. Be sure to leave your contact info.

Do I need to use multifactor authorization (where a pin# will be sent to me at each login)
You do not need to turn on MFA (multifactor authorization) unless you want that additional layer of security. However, we do not collect or store any financial information from you. Purchasing a product from one of our advertisers is a separate non-related transaction. If you enable MFA, a pin# will be sent to your email address (which is your userid) at time of login. To maintain this, click on your name in the tab bar to update your profile (once logged in).

Are email addresses publicly displayed
No, we never display email addresses. We also do not allow you to use an email address as a chat/Alias ID (since those are publicly viewed).

Can I maintain my own portfolios
Yes you can. There is an option along the command bar for "My Portfolios". Use this option to maintain your own selection of stocks. Please note that since this is a free site, stock prices are only updated at end of day and there are no alerts sent out. You can set or modify profit and stop loss levels at any time, but you will need to check each portfolio each day (after hours) to see if any of these levels have been reached (we will eventually create alerts). You can also have the system automatically archive a stock if it hits the stop loss or profit target. You can manually remove or archive a stock at anytime for any reason. The date and time (est) the price was last updated will display next to the closing price.

Can others view my portfolios
They are private by default but you can set any of your portfolios to be -Public- when you create or modify the portfolio (to be viewed by others). They can only view your portfolios and stocks in that portfolio but not modify anything. The portfolio will show using your Alias ID or Anonymous (whatever your prefer). You can change any of your portfolios to be public or private at anytime. This can be done portfolio by portfolio (if you have multiple portfolios).

Do you plan on updating prices during the day (during trading hours)
We may decide to offer real time or delayed quotes but there will be a fee for that since accessing real time or delayed quotes does cost money (when doing this in volume). As of now, all prices are updated daily at end of day (after market hours).

What is your privacy policy
We are committed to safeguarding your privacy and any personal information. We do not share your personal data with others without your consent. Email addresses are not displayed on the site. We store passwords using strong encryption technology.

How do we best utilize this information
View the "Money Management" page for this and other information.

Are more features planned for the site
Yes - we have many more features planned that we are working on and will be rolling them out soon. If you are registered, we will send out an email as features are added.
If you have any specific ideas or features you would like to see, please send us feedback below.
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